Journal of Planning and Land Management: Announcements <div id="wd-5f0390b37194f" class="woodmart-text-block-wrapper color-scheme- woodmart-title-size-custom woodmart-title-width-90 text-left vc_custom_1594069217021"> <div class="woodmart-title-container woodmart-text-block font-primary woodmart-font-weight-">Papers published in the Journal of Planning and Land Management are reviewed by competent academics and professionals with expertise in the field of Land Management, Real Estate, Planning, Community Development, Geographic information system (GIS), Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (<span class="il">SDD</span>–<span class="il">UBIDS</span>). Papers are thoroughly reviewed by a duo-blind review team and published promptly without compromising on the quality of the final output.</div> </div> <div class="wpb_text_column wpb_content_element vc_custom_1594077292270"> <div class="wpb_wrapper"> <p>Potential authors must read the author guidelines before preparing and submitting their manuscripts. Papers that do not follow these guidelines will be desk rejected until concerns are addressed appropriately.</p> </div> </div> en-US