Effectiveness of Resource Mobilisation Strategies of the Wa Municipal Assembly


  • Shamsia Abdul-Wahab University for Development Studies
  • Haruna Issahaku University for Development Studies
  • Kwame Paul Nkegbe Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship Development- Faculty of Integrated Development Studies. Wa Campus




Strategies, Resources, Revenue mobilisation, Innovation, District Assemblies


Authority is vested in the Wa Municipal Assembly to take charge of the development of the Municipality. Given its numerous developmental challenges among which are rapid population growth, high rates of illiteracy, poor environmental sanitation and poverty, the Assembly needs to mobilise more resources. The Assembly depends so much on external sources for development funds, which often fluctuate, and generally on a decline. This dependence is as a result of the low contribution of Internally Generated Funds to the Municipality’s total annual revenue basket. The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of the resource mobilisation strategies of the Wa Municipal Assembly. Primary and secondary data were used for the study. Questionnaires and interview guide were used to collect primary data from 52 respondents within the Municipality. The study revealed that the Assembly uses a number of strategies to mobilise revenues some of which are publicity and sensitisation, issuance of demand notices, door-to-door collection, investment, privatisation and outsourcing, and lobbying. The conclusion of the study is that the most effective resource mobilisation strategy employed by the Assembly is door-to-door collection whilst investment is the least effective. Much consideration needs to be given to investment as a strategy by ensuring good management and accounting practices. Innovative measures must also be developed to guarantee the sustainability of door-to-door collection.


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Abdul-Wahab, S., Issahaku, H., & Nkegbe, K. P. (2019). Effectiveness of Resource Mobilisation Strategies of the Wa Municipal Assembly. Journal of Planning and Land Management, 1(1), 59–79. https://doi.org/10.36005/jplm.v1i1.10



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